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The LYNX Controller is a low cost, compact and versatile machine and process controller designed to be used with stepper and digital servo drives. The functionality of the LYNX may be easily increased with optional expansion modules, which simply plug onto and are powered by the Controller.

The LYNX is powered by either drive power (+12 to +75 VDC) or in a standalone power configuration using +5 VDC. Communications is via either RS-232 or RS-485 and may be directed to up to 62 addresses for multi-drop systems. The system can be panel mounted using the end plates provided, or DIN rail mounted with the use of optional mounting brackets.

The LYNX is programmed using a versatile and easy to learn programming language. This language, in addition to a powerful set of motion commands and parameters, contains a comprehensive set of math and logic functions, 13 program trip functions as well as 25 predefined I/O functions. The Basic-like structure of the program allows the user to easily create powerful machine control programs and store them in a generous 8k bytes of user storage space.

There are two basic models of the LYNX Controller: the LYNX Control Module and the LYNX Combination Control Module.

The standard LYNX Control Module comes equipped with 12 points of +5 to + 24 VDC Isolated Digital I/O in two groups of 6 points each. These points may be individually programmed to a pre-defined or general purpose function. The I/O may also be used as a group to read or write BCD (Binary Coded Decimal). This I/O set may be expanded to 24 points by use of the optional Isolated Digital I/O Module.

If closed loop control or the need to control a secondary or tertiary axis (either sequentially or electronically geared to the primary axis) is required, the optional High Speed Differential I/O Module may be added to the system.

The LYNX Combination Control Module comes equipped with one group (6 points) of isolated digital I/O. These may be expanded to three groups (18 points) by using the Isolated Digital I/O Module. The Combination Control Module also comes with three channels of high speed differential I/O. This allows the use of encoder feedback or controlling a secondary axis without adding the High Speed I/O Module.

The LYNX’s innovative design places a powerful machine control solution geared to today’s size and price sensitive market in the hands of OEM’s.

Product Listing

Product Short Description
IMS LYNX Control Module LYNX Control Module/ Combination Control Module
IMS Lynx High Speed Differential I/O Module High Speed Differential I/O Module
IMS Lynx Isolated Digital I/O Module Option Isolated Digital I/O Module Option