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Torque/Velocity Amplifiers

The 400 series offers a full complement of features for the control of brush motors. The controller interface is a +/-10V current or velocity command. For optimal velocity regulation, the 400 series accepts tachometer feedback. Velocity can also be derived from the motor back-emf, with IR compensation, for a cost effective solution to open-loop speed control.

Torque Amplifiers

The 4xx2 series is a compact, cost-effective and flexible solution to torque control of brush motors and voice-coils. Loop gains and continuous/peak current limits are set by a component header which can be shipped preconfigured for optimal performance.

Controller interface is +/-10V current command with an optional two-wire PWM interface. Panel mounting is standard with options for PCB mounting. Edge Filter and 50% Modulation options are also available.

The PCB mount 4xx2P is an open frame amplifier with extended pins for PCB mounting. The pins can accept an Edge Filter daughter card. In this configuration, the 4xx2P must be panel mounted. A fully enclosed version is also available.

Product Listing

Product Short Description
Copley 4 Series Amplifiers
Copley Model 400 Series 115/230 VAC operation, switch selectable (DP versions) Mounting for 1-6 amplifiers Integral thermal circuit breakers Optional cooling fans
Copley Model 4xx2 Series Torque Amplifiers for Voice Coils