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Zero-cogging, ironless design provides 51-249 N (11-56 lb) continuous force at speeds up to 14 m/sec. Higher force iron core is optional. Load can be mounted directly to forcer for easy mechanical integration. Available as motor components or ready-to-use modules with integrated bearings and encoder. Bellows  and nickel plating (washdown) are optional.

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     Copley ThrustTube and TT Micro Modules    Copley TT Micro Motor Components

Product Listing

Product Short Description
Copley ThrustTube and TT Micro Modules Integrated single rail bearing Optical or magnetic encoder Integrated limit switches Integrated limit switches Bellows and washdown options
Copley ThrustTube Motor Components 51-249 N (11-56 lb) continuous force Mount load directly to rugged forcer Standard zero cogging, ironless design (TB) High force iron core option (TBX)
Copley TT Micro Motor Components 4-14 N (1-3 lb) continuous force Optimal solution for light loads Low mass, rugged polymer forcer High performance from 24 to 48 Vdc supply