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Gams' strategic partner in Germany, Jakob Antriebstechnik, designed their original couplings over 25 years ago and they have become the standard for today's dynamic servo applications. Gams' wide coupling selection is the result of many years of research and development with various performance characteristics to meet your specific requirements. Due to the modularity of their products, they also have the capability to develop new designs quickly and affordably. Their product portfolio consists of four major product groups: Bellow, Elastomer, Specialty Couplings and Safety Couplings.

Safety Couplings prevent expensive damage that often results when a collision occurs in a high performance servo drive system. At impact, the motor transmits peak torque before the current overload relay reacts. The relay will probably protect the motor from overheating but will not protect the equipment from the destructive internal forces. When a collision occurs, one is not only faced with the repair costs of the damaged equipment but also the expensive downtime due to lost production. Safety Couplings are a cost-effective solution to minimize these costs.

We at Digican are proud to have Gam as one of our manufacturers, bringing quality and technologically advanced gearbox and coupling products to the Canadian marketplace.