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Harmonic Drive Technologies, a subsidiary of Nabtesco Inc., is a world leader in precision motion control through the design, development and manufacturing of harmonic drive gearing. Our gear components, gearheads, actuators and rotary vector (RV) drives are capable of positional accuracy of less than 1 arc minute and repeatability of +/- 5 arc seconds. Standard and customer specific units are available.

Harmonic Drive Gear Components are the core of an extensive line of zero backlash, high ratio products offered by Harmonic Drive Technologies that offer design engineers considerable freedom when approaching design challenges.. They are compact, light weight and are available in several sizes, ratios and configurations. Ratios start at 50:1 with output torques up to 28,000 in lbs. There are two types of Harmonic Drive component set, cup type and pancake, both available standard and customer specific.     Harmonic Drive gearheads combine the zero backlash and high torque of harmonic drive gearing with precision housings and preloaded output bearings. They offer designers a complete product ready to mount to servo or stepper motors. Shaft and flange output units are available with ratios starting at 50:1.     Harmonic Drive Actuators offer the designer a complete unit consisting of a zero backlash harmonic drive gearhead capable of less than 1 arc minute positional accuracy and +/- 5 arc seconds of repeatability packaged with a motor and encoder. Several harmonic drive actuators are available including shaft/flange output, hollow shaft, and high vacuum models. All models offer precision motion control and high torque in compact design. Ratios start at 50:1.     Rotary Vector (RV) drives provide high-end performance in a very compact and highly rigid component type configuration. The unit incorporates rolling contact elements to provide high efficiency and long life, integrated angular bearings to support external loads and a 2-stage reduction design to reduce vibration and inertia while increasing ratio capabilities. They are available with large center through holes, and as easy mount gearheads (RD).     Specialty products from Harmonic Drive Technologies combine all of the benefits of harmonic drive gearing with customer specific designs. Custom gear components, gearheads, and actuators are available with special materials, designs, or configurations to meet the needs of motion control requirements in most operating environments. Weight reduced, aerospace quality units are also available.

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