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We at Digican are proud to have IMS as one of our manufacturers, bringing quality and technologically advanced motion control products to the Canadian marketplace.

Intelligent Motion Systems, Inc. is a company specializing in the design and manufacture of high-performance motors, drives and controls that are small, powerful and inexpensive.

Since their establishment in 1986, they have been setting their sights a step ahead. Their strong work ethic and team philosophy encourages creativity, fosters camaraderie, and opens doors to vast opportunities. At IMS, they take great pride in the product they sell, the services they offer, and their commitment to excellence in motion.

Motion Control is an industry that includes the application of highly precise, controlled movement in areas including robotics, medical instruments, assembly, semiconductor manufacturing, packaging, engraving and pick-and-place. Their unique approach to research and development has enabled them to successfully design and manufacture a full line of ultra-miniature, high-performance products and accessories that continue to drive the cutting edge of technology.

All IMS products combine innovative new designs with years of experience making IMS one of the top manufacturers of Motion Control products in the world.

Product Listing

IMS - The *NEW* MDrive Plus Series
IMS Half/Full Step Motor Drives
IMS Lynx System - Machine/Process Controller
IMS Micro Lynx Machine/Process Controller
IMS Microstepping Drives
IMS Speed Control
IMS The MDrive Series

Product Short Description
IMS 1.8° Hybrid Stepping Motors NEMA size 14, 17, 23 and 34 Hybrid Stepping Motors, and a Standard NEMA size 42.
IMS DC Flat Motors Miniature 0.67 x 0.34" (17.0 x 8.7mm) motors.
IMS HMI - Compact, Powerful
IMS IOS Motor Products
IMS Linear Actuators
IMS Unregulated and Switching Power Supplies IMS has two different types of power supplies. An Unregulated version and a Switch Mode version.