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The IMS series of PCB mountable hybrid stepper motor drivers are high performance, yet low-cost drivers which utilize advanced hybrid technology to greatly reduce size without sacrificing features. All of these drivers are exceptionally small, easy to interface and use, and yet powerful enough to handle the most demanding applications.


Product Listing

Product Short Description
IMS IB104 - IB106 - IB1010 - Bipolar Drive IB104 - 1A~4A per Phase
IB106 - 2A~6A per Phase
IB1010 - 2A~9A per Phase
IMS IB462 - IB463 - Bipolar Drive IB462 - 0A~2A per Phase
IB463 - 0A~3A per Phase
IMS IB462He Bipolar Drive IB462He - 1A~2A per Phase