Copley ThrustTube and TT Micro Modules

The ThrustTube bellows module (MB) is the bellows option of the ThrustTube module. The module design and material selection allow the system to operate at high speeds and accelerations. The bellows protect the thrust rod, encoder system and bearing rail from dirt, chips of wood, swarf and ferrous material.

The ThrustTube environmental module is suitable for use in applications where it is anticipated that the module can come into contact with fluids (MEW) and food (MEF). The thrust block range of forcers and module aluminum parts are coated with phosphorus electroless nickel to prevent corrosion

Max Travel                   mm
281 (63)
421 (95)
562 (126)
Width X Height             mm
51 (11)
70 (16)
87 (20)
Digital Encoder              um
Sin/Cos Encoder Pitch    um