CMC - Torque Systems 2600 Series Platform

Performance Benefits:
With fast response, accurate control and high torque-to-inertia ratios, you can count on the TORQUEMASTER 2600 Series of brush servo motors to provide smooth operation throughout a full speed range. The 2600 Series delivers smooth and superior low speed performance, and maximum power ratings with low thermal resistance for high speed performance. In addition, with maximum torque in a smaller package, you can count on better pricing for a better overall value.

When integrated with high performance brush amplifiers, TORQUEMASTER 2600 Series brush servo motors provide effective and highly efficient motion control solutions for a wide range of applications-including factory automation, packaging, robotics, machine tools, medical instrumentation and more.

Design Features:
TORQUEMASTER 2600 Series brush servo motors are rated from 17 oz.-in. to 90 oz.-in. with speeds and torque stability up to 6500 RPM. They utilize the latest in high performance permanent magnet technology, and are available in eight standard windings to meet your most demanding applications.

Each brush servo motor in the TORQUEMASTER 2600 Series is ruggedly designed and manufactured for reliable performance.


Technical Documentation / Software

2600 Series Brush Servo Motor Datasheet