CMC - Torque Systems HS15 Encoder

Performance Benefits:
With high-performance, high-resolution digital feedback in an extremely small package, the new DataTorque HS15 combines the resolution and performance common with much larger encoder packages with the stability of a bearing encoder design.

The HS15 provides a bearing design that simplifies encoder attachment, resulting in a longer service life with less downtime (from feedback device failure). It delivers high noise immunity. In addition, the DataTorque HS15 is cost competitive with modular encoders.

Design Features:
The DataTorque HS15 is miniature in size, only 1.5 inches (38 mm) in diameter and low profile, only 0.87 inches (22 mm) in assemble height, yet it provides resolutions up to 5,000 lines with or without commutation. Output options are single-ended or differential line driver.

The DataTorque HS15 has low supply current requirements. The optional 5 to 26 VDC can help reduce inventory. It is constructed of a conductive carbon fiber composite that provides the EMI shielding of an all-metal housing and the performance of a lightweight robust assembly.


Technical Documentation / Software

HS15 Series Encoder Datasheet