CMC - Torque Systems SM7 Encoder

Performance Benefits:
With high-performance high-resolution digital feedback in an extremely small package, the new DataTorque SM7 provides the type of resolution and performance common with much larger encoder packages. The SM7 has a patent pending new sensing scheme and a much simplified encoder design, resulting in a longer service life with less downtime (from feedback device failure). It delivers high noise immunity.

Design Features:
The DataTorque SM7 is miniature in size, only 0.787 inches (20 mm) in diameter, yet provides resolutions up to 2,048 lines. Output variations include single-ended, open collector, internal pull-ups or RS-422A differential line driver.

DataTorque SM7 has low supply current requirements, 5v or 5 to 26 VDC, reducing inventory requirements. It is constructed of a conductive carbon fiber composite that provides the EMI shielding of an all-metal housing.


Technical Documentation / Software

SM7 Series Encoder Datasheet