CMC - Torque Systems SM16 Encoder

Performance Benefits:
By combining high performance, advanced design, proven reliability and low cost, the DataTorque SM16 is an ideal industrial encoder to meet a wide variety of application requirements. It meets all of the requirements of EIA standard RS-422 while retaining low power characteristics of CMOS, enabling the construction of serial and terminal interfaces while maintaining minimal power consumption.

All DataTorque Encoders can be custom configured to meet specific, high volume OEM requirements. We can accommodate many specialized combinations of electrical and mechanical interfaces. Please consult our experienced team of application engineers for details on custom OEM products.

Design Features:
The DataTorque SM16 Encoder is manufactured with precision surface mount technology. It utilizes high precision, spindle grade ball bearings (sealed), providing a rugged encoder within its design as well as a liquid tight, nickel plated brass cable seal. The DataTorque SM16 Encoder incorporates the 2631 series quad differential line driver, designed for digital data transmission over balanced lines.

The SM16 utilizes a monolithic solar array with stop gap diffusion, providing further noise immunity. The differential array tracks evenly under temperature, voltage and light source variations. The DataTorque SM16 is an optical incremental encoder with resolution of 1-2500 CPR (cycles per revolution). It is accurate to +/- 6 arc seconds (pulse to adjacent pulse) and +/- 3 arc minutes (pulse to any other pulse).


Technical Documentation / Software

SM16 Series Encoder Datasheet