CMC - Torque Systems DT20 Encoder

Performance Benefits:
By combining high performance, proven reliability and low cost, the DataTorque DT20 is an ideal heavy-duty industrial encoder that meets harsh application requirements such as machine tools or robotics, yet it is priced to accommodate a wide variety of less harsh applications as well.

All DataTorque Encoders can be custom configured to meet specific, high volume OEM requirements. We can accommodate many specialized combinations of electrical and mechanical interfaces. Please consult our experienced team of application engineers for details on custom OEM products.

Design Features:
The DataTorque DT20 Encoder is physically interchangeable with numerous competitive models, yet is designed with additional exceptional features.

The DataTorque DT20 includes mechanically captured and pre-loaded bearings to insure that they will not move under load, common with glued-in bearings. It has excellent bearing life with low starting torque and it is sealed to IP65 standards. It provides resolution up to 2,500 lines. The DataTorque DT20 is available with up to 24 volts for an operating frequency of up to 200 kHz. Zero markers and line drivers are available operating to the full frequency. It is also RS-422 compatible with 2631 series output mode.


Technical Documentation / Software

DT20 Series Encoder Datasheet