CMC - Torque Systems FM20 Encoder

Performance Benefits:
By combining high performance, proven reliability and low cost, the DataTorque FM20 is an ideal heavy-duty industrial encoder to meet a wide variety of application requirements. It is ideal for rugged applications where Modulars cannot be used. It is easily installed for new or field replacements, simply dropped on and screwing down.

All DataTorque Encoders can be custom configured to meet specific, high volume OEM requirements. We can accommodate many specialized combinations of electrical and mechanical interfaces. Please consult our experienced team of application engineers for details on custom OEM products.

Design Features:
The DataTorque FM20 Encoder includes all of the features of the popular DT20 model, plus a flexible "flexmount". The DataTorque FM20 can be mounted to any shaft, up to 1/2 inch in diameter where position feedback is required. It can be used in place of shaft encoders mounted with adapter brackets and couplings. It is also a direct replacement for BEI and Dynapar H20 Flex units.

The FM20 design offers customers numerous advantages over modular and coupled encoders. Compared to coupled encoders, it has fewer parts for easier installation, it is less expensive and it has a reduced overall height.

The FM20 with flexible "flexmount" offers other advantages over modular encoders. It provides an allowable shaft runout of .010 inches compared to .005 inches for modular encoders. It also provides an allowable shaft endplay of +/- .025 inches compared to +/- .010 inches for modular encoders.


Technical Documentation / Software

FM20 Series Encoder Datasheet