CMC - Torque Systems MF58 Encoder

Performance Benefits:
By combining high performance and proven reliability, the DataTorque MF58 is ideal as a metric optical incremental encoder for environments where there is a high presence of electrical interference. It has been tested to offer up to 50 times more protection to noise immunity than competitive models.

All DataTorque Encoders can be custom configured to meet specific, high volume OEM requirements. We can accommodate many specialized combinations of electrical and mechanical interfaces. Please consult our experienced team of application engineers for details on custom OEM products.

Design Features:
The DataTorque MF58 is designed for noise immunity. An internal electrostatic barrier, dual Faraday shield, and differential line drivers virtually eliminate electrical interference.

The DataTorque MF58 is available with up to 5000 lines on the encoder disc. Maximum accuracy is achieved by using direct resolution which eliminates the errors typically associated with interpolation. The zero index pulse is gated to the A and B channels which allows the reference point to be more precisely aligned. Precision is maintained even at the maximum operating frequency of 200 kHz. It is accurate pulse to any other pulse, 1 to 3,000 CPR; +/- 3 arc minutes; 3001 to 5,000 CPR; +/- 1 arc minute (pulse to adjacent pulse); and +/- 6 arc seconds.


Technical Documentation / Software

MF58 Series Encoder Datasheet