HD - Gear Components

Harmonic Drive cup component gear sets are ideal for precision applications that require a compact design and high torque to weight ratio. They are capable of less than one arc minute positional accuracy and repeatability of +/- 5 arc seconds. Cup sets consist of three components a flexspline, circular spline and wave generator bearing. There are three types of harmonic Drive cup sets, the HDC, HDT, and HKS

HDC     HKT     HDS

HDC                    HDT                    HKS

Pancake components provide the advantages of harmonic drive gearing in more compact, thinner design, than cup components. Unlike cup component sets, standard pancakes gears have a small amount of backlash (approx 5 arc minutes). However units with as little as 1.5 arc minutes of backlash are available. Pancake gears have four main components, a flexspline, wave generator, and a dynamic and static circular spine. Four versions of pancakes are available all with ratios starting at 80:1 and output torques up to 27,000 in lbs.

HDA     HDB     HDF     HDR

HDA                   HDB                     HDF                     HDR