HD - Specialty Products


Specialty products from Harmonic Drive Technologies combine all of the benefits of harmonic drive gearing with customer specific designs. Custom gear components, gearheads, and actuators are available with special materials, designs, or configurations to meet the needs of motion control requirements in most operating environments. Weight reduced, aerospace quality units are also available.

Harmonic Drive Technologies will provide customer specific units to satisfy motion control applications that can not immediately benefit from a standard harmonic drive unit. Our applications department will work with design engineers to determine what modifications are necessary to adapt a harmonic drive to their specific requirements. They can either modify an existing product or, if necessary, design a special harmonic drive unit that possess all of the benefits of harmonic drive gearing and fits directly into your design.

Harmonic Drive Technologies has provided custom units to NASA and the military for over 40 years. The military has used specially designed Harmonic Drives on Antenna Positioners, Weapons Systems, Underwater Projects, Missile Guidance Systems, and Aircraft Programs. Our aerospace quality units have a history of zero defects and have successfully contributed to the success of the Hubble Space Telescope, The Mars Observer, the International Space Station and countless other satellite and space systems.

Customer Specific Unit Characteristics include:

  • Special materials including stainless steel and anti corrosive treated materials
  • Uniquely designed gear components, gearheads and actuators
  • Special Bearings including Tic-loaded, ceramic or 440c bearings
  • Clean room or vacuum products
  • Special lubricants including dry films or aerospace lubricants
  • Weight reduced designs
  • Aerospace Quality Units