FiveCo - FMod-IPECMOT 48/10 Ethernet DC & EC motor control card

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 Ethernet Motion control and drive card, 48V 10A, developed for brushed and brushless DC motors up to 480W, with an integrated regulator which allows control in position as well as in speed, based on the motor's encoder or, for brushless motors, Hall sensors.

Compact, the new FMod-IPECMOT 48/10 card encompasses both the motor controller (position, speed) and the power level. This system uses standard Ethernet protocols (TCP-IP, UDP, HTTP), making it easy to interface it and to develop one's own application. By using the FSoft-MOTORCTRL software, the user can, simultaneously, configure the various parameters (regulator, communication, end of course sensor management …) and test the system. This can also be done through the onboard Java Applet.

The following figure explains how this product can be used.