FiveCo - FMod-IPDCMOT 48/1.5 Ethernet brushed motor control card

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This motion control board for DC motors (with brushes) is particularly interesting not only because of its size and the quality of its regulation but also because of its communication protocol (Ethernet : TCP/IP-HTTP) giving it an easy interfacing. The board is compatible with the POE-IEEE 802.3af norm allowing its power supply through the Ethernet cable.

The PID controller (32 bits) may be used to manage a motor from 1 to 70[W] (continuous) with a regulation loop time up to 500[us]. The regulators implemented are position and speed PID with a trapezoid trajectory. The board includes an HTTP server which allows an easy parameterization of the controller due to a simple internet browser.

The following figure explains how this product can be used.