FiveCo - FMod-TCP (DB) Ethernet to serial, I/O, A/D and I2C converter

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The TCP/IP server board allows manufacturers and system integrators connect their different devices such as home appliances and industrial control systems directly to the Ethernet network, and remotely monitor & control them with standard TCP-IP protocols.


There are two different models: FMod-TCP and FMod-TCP DB (for Daughter Board).
The FMod-TCP version is firstly dedicated to developers (a development kit is available) and to the applications where cables are not an issue when FMod-TCP DB is dedicated to high volume production.

From the DEVICE side you have at your disposal:

UART 1 1
I2C 1 1
Digital I/O 11 19
10 bits A/D inputs 1 5

From the COMMUNICATION side the transmission layers manage the ICMP (ping), UDP, TCP and HTTP protocols in order to send the data to the dedicated application layer. Therefore, the TCP server is multiports.

The following figure explains how this product can be used:

A dedicated Win32 software and a sample Java Applet (with source code) are available.

Win32 Software Java Applet

The development kit contains the following items:

  •  FMod-TCP board
  • 2 UART to RS232 adapters
    (1 slave and 1 master)
  • RJ45 cross-cable
  • UART cable
  • 5V power supply
  • User manual
  • CD-ROM with a dedicated software and the default Java applet source code.