IMS MDrive 14 Plus

The MDrive NEMA 14 high-torque Integrated Motor and Driver is ideal for designers who want the simplicity of a motor with on-board electronics, but without the expense of an indexer on each axis. The low cost MDrive14 offers the system designer the best method of control. The MDrive14’s integrated electronics eliminates the need to run the motor cabling through the machine, reducing the potential for problems due to electrical noise.

The MDrive14 uses a NEMA 14 frame size 1.8° high torque motor combined with a half/full step drive. Setup parameters include Motor Resolution, Motor Direction with respect to the direction input, and Run/Hold currents. These settings may be changed on-the-fly or downloaded and stored in non-volatile memory with the use of a simple GUI which is provided. This eliminates the need for external switches or resistors. Parameters are changed via an SPI port located on connector P1. Operating voltage for the MDrive14 ranges from +12 to +48 VDC.

The versatile, compact MDrive14 is available in multiple configurations to fit various system needs. These options include: a single shaft stand-alone device, or a dual shaft rotary motor with either optical encoder or control knob. Interface connections are accomplished using a 12 position pluggable, keyed 2mm pin and recepticle.

The MDrive14 is a compact, powerful and inexpensive solution that will reduce system cost, design and assembly time for a large range of stepping motor applications.


  • Integrated Half/Full Step Drive/ NEMA 14 High Torque Motor
  • +12 to +48 VDC Input Voltage
  • Low Cost
  • Extremely Compact
  • Optically Isolated Logic Inputs will Accept +5 to +24 VDC Signals, Sourcing or Sinking
  • Automatic Current Reduction
  • Configurable:
    • Motor Run/Hold Current
    • Motor Direction vs.Direction Input
    • Half/Full Step
  • Available Configurations:
    • Single Shaft
    • Factory-Mounted Optical Encoder
    • Double Shaft End with Knob For Manual Positioning
    • Current and Resolution May Be Switched On-The-Fly
  • Single Supply
  • Interface Uses a 12 Position, Pluggable 2mm Pin and Recepticle
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Quick and Easy Parameter Setup

Configuration utility features include:

Easy installation.
Automatic detection of MDrive version and communication configuration.
Will not set out-of-range values.
Tool-tips display valid range setting for each option.


Technical Documentation / Software

IMS Microstepping MDrive 14 / MDM14