CMC BNS Wet Motor

The Torque Systems BNS Wet Motor is specifically designed to withstand the harsh environments found in Food Processing, Pharmaceutical Processing and many other tough operating conditions where “Food Grade” IP-65 and IP-67 Servo Motors simply can’t stand up.

The BNS exclusive Flow Thru design allows fluid to enter – and leave the motor housing during wash down, virtually eliminating trapped moisture condensation, the most common cause of failure in sealed motors. All internal motor parts are protected from water and contaminants by an exclusive system using FDA approved coatings and lubricants. Bearings are sealed to prevent failure.

Features & Benefits:

  • Reliable, long life operation in wet environments
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Continuous torque ratings up to 6.75 NM (60 in-lb)
  • No contact seals to fail or replace
  • FDA approved materials
  • USP Class VI implant grade polymer winding, magnet and resolver encapsulation
  • All stainless steel construction, no paint to chip off, no corrosion
  • Self venting – no internal condensation
  • Standard and custom performance enhancements
  • Customer specific mounting and shaft arrangements
  • High torque to inertia ratio
  • Resolver or sealed encoder feedback
  • Available with stainless steel gearbox


Technical Documentation

BNS Wet Motor Datasheet (186 KB)