Acroloop ACR 8010 Multi-Axis Controller

The ACR8010 is one of the Parker Acroloop feature-packed controllers for ISA PC Bus Operation. The ACR8010 is capable of Standalone or PC-Bus operation. It has the ability to run up to eight servo loops, with up to 10 encoders at 20MHz. It can optionally be equipped with 8 analog inputs through a 12 or 16 bit analog/digital converter and introduce these inputs into servo loops. It is possible to have a Virtual Axis be the Master to multi-axis coordinated motion. Because of our modular design to our outputs, it is possible to have several axis of servo with several axis of stepper on the same controller. Of course all of Acroloop Motion Control Systems’ controllers run on the same software and firmware, so the standard features and benefits apply to the ACR8010 as well. The ACR8010 is Acroloop Motion Control Systems’ answer to affordable high performance control when flexibility, real-time speed, and ease of programming are most needed.

ACR8010 Exclusives:

· 60 MHz Floating Point DSP.
· 8 Axes of Servo or Stepper.
· Up to 10 Encoders at 20 MHz.
· 512K User/System Memory Expandable to 2 Megs each.
· Encoder Loss Protection.
· 64 Optically Isolated 24Volt DC I/O Expandable to 320 I/O.
· Dual Port Memory Option.
· Calender Clock Option.
· Full Size ISA Size Plug and Play.
· Up to four Communication Channels. (ISA, COM1, COM2, LPT).
· Optional RS232/RS485 and AcroWire IEEE-1394 Interface.


Technical Documentation / Software

Acroloop ACR8010 Detailed Specs