ACH3121 Controller Chassis

The ACH3121 controller chassis is a standard chassis. It is designed to accommodate a standalone ACR1200 controller. The ACH3121 is designed to support the standard digital I/O and 1 expansion digital I/O board.

ACH3121 Features:

· Use with ACR1200 Controller.
· Industrial Standalone Chassis.
· Encoder Feedback Connector. (26 pin header)
· Digital I/O Connector. (34 pin connector)
· 2-Serial and 1 Parallel Port Connector. (34 pin header)
· Analog I/O Connector for DAC; stepper, (25 pin D-plug)
· Heavy Duty Power Connector, 120/250 VAC
· Integral Power Supply (5VDC, +/- 12VDC Autoswitching)
· Cooling Fan Included.


ACH3121 Controller Chassis

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