ACH5000 Controller Chassis

The ACH5000 Controller Chassis is designed to be a multi-purpose chassis. This chassis can be supplied for standalone operation with the ACR2000, ACH8010 or as a full PC based chassis with the ACR1500, ACR2000, ACR8010 (ISA Backplane ACH5810) and the ACR8020 (PCI Backplane ACH5820). The PC version of the chassis comes with floppy, hard drive and CD Rom installed. The chassis is also offered with either D-Plug termination (right picture) or screw terminal connections (left picture) with built in breakout box for all the communications, encoders and I/O signals.

ACH5000 Features:

Use with ACR1500, ACR2000, ACR8010, and ACR8020
Industrial 6-Slot Chassis (10.75"W x 16.94"H x 9"D)
Screw Terminal or D Plug connections
On/Off Switch
90-230 VAC 50/60Hz Power input
Two cooling fans
Replacable filter
CD-Rom, Floppy and Hard Drive for the PC versions
Offered with up to 850 MHz Intel Pentium III CPU's


ACH5000 Controller Chassis

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