RBB I/O Breakout Board

The RBB Comm breakout board is designed to bring out the Serial/Parallel Communication Signals for the ACR8020, ACR8010, ACR2000 and ACR1200 motion controllers to standard D-Plugs. The breakout board can be used in either standalone or PC-Bus applications. It is typically mounted next to the controller chassis on a SNAPTRACK strip.

RBB I/O Breakout Board Features:

Use with either the ACR1200, ACR2000, ACR8010, ACR8020 controllers
4” SnapTrack mounting (3.5”W x 4.125”H x 1.25”D)
9 Pin D-plug for COM1, COM2. 26 Pin D-Plug for LPT.
Led indicators for TXD, RXD Signals.


RBB I/O Breakout Board

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