Acroloop Acrolibraries

Acroloop Libraries

With Acroloop Library, commands available on the Acroloop motion controller have a corresponding function call. Applications that are programmed on the PC simply use the function call provided in the library when the program needs to use the controller's motion control capabilities. The Acroloop controller family can be supplied with the following libraries:

  • Visual C/C++ Dynamic Link Library (Windows98, 32-Bit)
  • Visual C/C++ Libraries (Windows NT, 32-Bit multi-threaded)
  • Visual Basic Dynamic Link Library (Windows98, 32-Bit)
  • Visual Basic Dynamic Link Library (WindowsNT, 32-Bit multi-threaded)

Since the libraries are generically designed, the libraries can be used for additional programming languages such as Borland's Delphi. With Delphi, the proper arguments must be programmed for the function call.


Acroloop Acrolibraries

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