AcroVIEW is a developmental tool used to communicate to the motion controllers. AcroVIEW can talk to the controllers either over the PC-Bus or RS-232 communications port. AcroVIEW is provided at no charge to help integrate, diagnose, and graphically tune the Acroloop motion controllers.

AcroVIEW can also be used to debug customized PC applications. Since the Acroloop controllers can communicate simultaneously, the API can be operating on the PC while AcroVIEW tool can dynamically diagnose the Acroloop controller with AcroVIEW on the serial port. This saves valuable developmental time.


The AcroVIEW supplied software can also act as a valuable diagnostic tool. AcroVIEW can be used to enter in customized software programs and test the controllers on a bench before implementing the controller into a real world application. AcroVIEW permits the user to send and receive files to and from the controllers. In addition, AcroVIEW provides an on-screen real time display of the input and outputs status while the desired program is being executed.



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