Acroloop Software AcroMill NT

AcroMill and AcroCut are also offered in a Windows NT based version. The main features are very similar to the DOS versions of these programs but because of the multitasking ability of the operating system, many enhancements are offered. The following screens show some of the features. AcroMill for Windows NT is designed to work with a touch screen or a mouse. Therefore, all the menu selections are large enough to allow easy finger control and selection. New programs can be created while the machine is running a program. Full compliments of Can Cycles and Macro and Modal Macro ability is offered. Probing cycle as well as NURBS, Splines and three dimensional 3 point arc generation is offered.

OEM users can access and pass variables in the SYSVAR storage area in the CNC from their own independent software application in case a custom installation is required.

This means that the OEM can externally affect machine operation from their own piece of software on the fly. This can be very handy in applications like vision, grinding, welding….etc.

AcroMILL Features

Retrofit Package - Package Acroloop's ACR8000, ACR8010, ACR2000 or ACR1500, industrial chassis, operator interface and AcroMILL for a complete CNC Machine Tool retrofit package.

G Codes - AcroMILL works with standard EIA RS-274 G codes. The basic G codes designed around the GE Fanuc OM Controller works directly with AcroMILL. AcroMILL is also directly compatible with standard CAM packages that can create canned cycles and appropriate post files for machine execution.

M Codes - AcroMILL also uses standard M codes. The M codes in AcroMILL are completely programmable. M codes simply send customized files to the controller. The files could be PLC files or another complete multi-tasked motion program.

PC-Based - Implement an open architecture solution with the latest PC-Based CNC motion controllers and incorperating standard off-the-shelf industrial PC Components available from Acroloop.

PLC - Use the on-board PLC to create customized automatic tool changer(ATC) operations. The AcroMILL software uses the built-in PLC supplied with the motion controller complete with optical-isolation operating at 24VDC.

Home - Built-inhoming routine for all axes (programmable).

Jog - Continuous or Incremental jog modes (programmable).

Handwheel - External handwheel operation. Handwheel can be programmed to any encoder input with the particular axes selected through AcroMILL.

Library Parts - Built-in user definable library parts. Library parts are parametric G and M code files that can be customized(sized) by the user on the screen.

File Transfer - Transfer files to AcroMILL via RS-232 communications, from the hard disk drive, from a floppy disk drive,or automatically convert DXF posts into the appropriate G and M codes automatically with AcroMILL.

Run/Dry Run - Ability to run or dry run a program. Programs can also be started from a user programmable block number.

Feedrate Override - Built-in feedrate override function. The feedrate override can be executed through software or from an external BCD input.

Spindle Override - Built-in spindle override function. The spindle override can be executed through software or from an external BCD input.

MDI - Manual data input operation for immediate execution of blocks.
Displays - AcroMILL can display the user programmable information including current position, program status information and a graphical display of the part being processed.

Diagnostics - Use AcroMILL to diagnose electrical input/output conditions or to dynamically tune the servo system with AcroMILL's built-in 4 channel oscilloscope.

Error Correction - Implement AcroMILL's programmable ballscrew compensation, backlash compensation, and tool offset registers.

Block Processing Speed - AcroMILL PC software package has a 1-4 millisecond block processing speed depending on the number of axes being controlled.


Acroloop Software AcroMill NT

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