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AcroCut/AcroJet PC Software

AcroCUT software is specifically designed to handle PLASMA, OXY-FUEL, LASER, and WATERJET machine tool cutting applications. Acroloop has extensively worked with manufactures and machine tool operators to create a state-of-the-art PC cutting control software package. The PC software can be customized for the OEM or used to retrofit old cutting machines

AcroCut Detailed Features

Turnkey Solution - Implement AcroCUT with the Acroloop motion controllers, chassis, operator interfaces, enclosures, and customized front panels for a complete OEM solution for PC based Plasma,Oxy-Fuel, Laser,and WaterJet machine tool control.

PC-Based - Implement an open architecture solution with the latest PC-Based CNC motion controllers and incorporating standard off-the-shelf industrial PC components available from Acroloop.

G Codes - AcroCUT works with standard EIA RS-274 G codes. AcroCUT is also directly compatible with standard CAM packages.

M Codes - AcroCUT also uses standard M codes. The M codes in AcroMILL are completely programmable. M codes simply send customized files to the controller. The files could be PLC files or another complete multi-tasked motion program.

Gantry Control - Built-in gantry control (2 servo on a single axis.)

Home - Built-in-homing routine for all axes (programmable).

Jog - Continuous or Incremental jog modes with optional joystick control.

Library Parts - Built-in user definable library parts. 30 shapes provided free of charge. Additional library parts can be created by the user.

Retrace -Retrace of the cut path to back up all the way to the beginning.

Kerf Compensation - Automatic kerf compensation.

Corning - Automatic corner slowdown based on acute angle threshold.

Dripfeed Function - Allows large part files to be executed on-the-fly from an off-line PC using the serial link minimizing download time and maximizing machine cut time.

Pause and Resume - On and Off path pause and resume feature. Machine can retrace,skip, resume,jog, or home after the pause.

Plate Alignment - Automatic plate alignment feature for sheet placement.

Feedrate Override - Built-in feedrate override function. The feedrate override can be executed through software or from BCD input.


Acroloop AcroCut / Acro Jet

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