IMS OSC-462H Analog Speed Control Interface

The OSC-462H features a digital oscillator for accurate velocity control with an output frequency of up to 60 kilohertz. Output frequency will vary with the voltage level on the speed control input. The speed control input can be adjusted by using a 10k potentiometer or by directly applying 0 to 5 volts to the input.

There are two basic modes of operation: joystick and velocity. In joystick mode, both speed and direction are controlled by the speed control input. In velocity mode, only velocity is controlled by the speed control input; direction is controlled by a separate input.

The speed control board has 10 setup parameters which are configured using the included Configuration Utility. These enable the user to configure all of the operational parameters of the OSC-462H which are stored in nonvolatile memory.

In addition, the OSC-462H has buffered step clock and direction outputs to facilitate cascading of drives. These outputs will follow the primary step clock and direction outputs of the speed control board.

Wiring is accomplished with a convenient 15 pin removable screw terminal (P1) and an optional Parameter Setup Cable which plugs into the board’s 10 pin IDC header (P3).