IMS IB462 - IB463 - Bipolar Drive

The IB462 and the IB463 are our smallest and lowest priced drives, packing a powerful 160 watts into less than 8.6 cubic inches.

The IB462

The IB462 will effortlessly output up to 2 Amps per phase.

The IB462 operates from 12 to 40 Volts. This high voltage allows for greater speeds at higher torque without resorting to expensive drives or larger motors.

The high efficiency of the IB462 chopper drive, along with its miniature size, makes it ideally suited to replace the less efficient L/R drives. In addition, the low cost and off-the-shelf availability of the IB462 permits an immediate, cost effective solution to an in-house design.

The IB463

With an output capability of up to 3.5 amps per phase, the IB463, which is only slightly larger than the IB462, can deliver 1.4 times more power.

Although the IB463 circuit fits into an area of less than 10.7 cubic inches, it is capable of delivering a powerful 230 watts!

The IB463 is ideal for those applications requiring more power, but where size and cost are still important factors.