IMS Integrated Circuits IM2000S

The IM2000S is a high performance microstepping controller that incorporates a sine/cosine signal generator, anti-resonance circuitry, PWM current control and much more in one monolithic IC. The IM2000S combines hardware intense functions together with innovative features to provide designers with a powerful yet simple solution for their high volume OEM products.

Never before has any motion product integrated all the digital control into one monolithic IC. This high degree of integration can significantly reduce design time as well as driver size.

Beyond the integration of a complete microstepping control system, the IM2000S has unique features that give designers unprecedented control over motor movement. These features include 14 selectable resolutions (in both decimal and binary) that can be changed at any time without motor movement interruption. There is no need to reset the controller. This allows the user to rapidly move long distances, yet precisely position the motor at the end of travel without the need or expense of a complex controller.

Another valuable feature is an “On-Full Step” output which indicates when the motor is at an electrical full step. This output can be used to reduce the overhead needed to track position when making long moves.

The development of proprietary circuits has minimized ripple current, while maintaining a 20 KHz chopping rate. This prevents additional motor heating that is common with drivers requiring higher chopping rates. Now low inductance stepper motors can be used to improve high speed performance and peak system efficiency.

The IM2000S needs only clock and direction inputs to control the motor and will interface directly to discrete bridges or common monolithic bridge ICs.

Size, price and time-to-market are three crucial aspects in today’s competitive markets and the IM2000S offers the ability to reduce all three.


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