IMS PCB Mounted Drive IMS IM483H /IM805H

The IM483H and IM805H are high performance, low-cost microstepping drivers that utilize advanced hybrid technology to greatly reduce size without sacrificing features. Both are exceptionally small, easy to interface and use, and yet powerful enough to handle the most demanding applications. Because the IM483H and IM805H share a common package and pin configuration, they offer flexibility in that the system designer can increase or decrease the power of the system as needed without the need to redesign the interface to the drive.

The IM483H and IM805H have 14 built-in microstep resolutions (both binary and decimal). The resolution can be changed at any time without the need to reset the driver. This feature allows the user to rapidly move long distances, yet precisely position the motor at the end of travel without the expense of high-performance controllers. In many in-stances mechanical gearing can be replaced with microstepping. This reduces cost and system size, and eliminates potential maintenance while increasing accuracy and smoothness.

With the development of proprietary and patented circuits, ripple current has been minimized to reduce the motor heating that is common with other designs. This feature allows the use of low inductance motors to improve high-speed performance and system efficiency.

The IM483H/IM805H microstepping hybrids are designed to be soldered directly into a PC board. This eliminates the need for wiring and mounting, thus saving design and assembly time, reducing system cost and increasing reliability.

The ultra-small size reduces the overall space required in your system. In addition, each unit is 100% tested and comes with a 2-year warranty.

Available as options for the IM483H/IM805H are the HFC-22 Heat Sink/Fan/Clip assembly and the PR-22 Pin Receptacles with throwaway carrier. The HFC-22 provides a unique cooling solution and was designed specifically for the IM483H and IM805H Microstepping Hybrid Drivers. The HFC-22 will easily maintain a reliable rear plate temperature without using large heat sinks and cumbersome mounting hardware. The heat sink and fan are easily mounted to the driver by means of a removable clip developed by IMS, and when fully assembled with the IM483H or IM805H takes up only 6.8 in3 of space!

For applications where ease of removal is required, the PR-22 provides a reliable, high quality receptacle which comes attached to a high temperature plastic throwaway carrier that facilitates wave soldering.

These drives, because of their ultra-small size, advanced technology and low-cost, provide designers with affordable state-of-the-art solutions for the competitive edge needed in today’s market.


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