IMS Panel Mounted System IM483I/IE

Incorporated into the IM483I & IE drivers are proprietary circuits that minimize ripple current while maintaining a 20 kHz chopping rate. This prevents additional motor heating that is common with drivers requiring higher chopping rates. Now low inductance stepper motors can be used to improve high speed performance and system

The built-in indexer on the IM483I & IE allows the user, via a serial link, to program parameters such as acceleration/deceleration ramps, velocity, position, resolution, drive current, etc., to form simple or complex motions.

Programs can be executed by sending single commands, or can be stored in the on-board nonvolatile memory which can then be executed on power-up or by discrete user inputs.

The indexer has a variety of built-in functions, including limit switch inputs, a homing algorithm, and general purpose inputs and outputs that can be used to detect switch closures and to activate solenoids and/or other external devices.

The IM483IE, with its built-in encoder option, can be used to enhance system performance by adding complex functions such as position verification, position maintenance and stall detection. These functions can be of particular importance with systems requiring closed loop control to track movement and final position.