IMS Panel Mounted System Panther HD

The Panther HD is a high performance, low cost microstepping driver with integral power supply that incorporates advanced surface mount and ASIC technology. The Panther HD is small, easy to interface and use, yet powerful enough to handle the most demanding applications.

The heart of the Panther HD is our IM1007 OEM microstepping driver which utilizes our highly integrated IM2000 microstepping controller IC.

Incorporated into the Panther HD driver are proprietary circuits that minimize ripple current while maintaining a 20 kHz chopping rate. This prevents additional motor heating that is common with drivers requiring higher chopping rates. Now low inductance stepper motors can be used to improve high speed performance and system efficiency.

The Panther HD allows you to change the number of microsteps per step at anytime. There is no need to reset the driver. Built into the driver are 14 different resolutions in both binary and decimal, allowing the user to rapidly move long distances, yet precisely position the motor at the end of travel without the expense of high performance controllers.


Technical Documentation / Software

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