IMS Lynx Isolated Digital I/O Module Option

The Isolated Digital I/O Module is designed to plug directly onto the LYNX Control Module or Combination Control Module. This expansion module adds twelve additional +5 to +24 VDC isolated I/O points to the LYNX system. These points are divided into two groups of six each.

Each I/O point may be individually programmed as either dedicated (limit, home, etc.) or general purpose. In addition, they may be used collectively as a group to read or write BCD (Binary Coded Decimal).

When used as inputs, these I/O points have seven programmable filter settings ranging from 215 Hz to 27.5 kHz. As outputs, each I/O point is capable of sinking up to 350mA. The I/O is isolated from the power supply ground.

A switch selectable pull-up resistor is provided for each I/O point to pull the point up to the internal +5 VDC.

Protection circuitry includes over temperature, short circuit and inductive current clamp.


Technical Documentation / Software

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