IMS Lynx High Speed Differential I/O Module

The High Speed Differential I/O Module adds 6 high speed 0 to 5 VDC differential I/O channels to the LYNX motion control system. The channels can be used differentially or single ended as inputs or outputs.

The Differential Module can be used for a variety of applications, including: closed loop control using an incremental encoder, registration, electronic gearing and sequential control of up to two additional axes. These channels may also be used for 0 to 5 V high speed general purpose I/O.

The I/O channels may be individually programmed by the user to be one of three clock types: Step/Direction (output only), Up/Down (input or output), or Quadrature (input or output).

When used as inputs, these I/O channels have seven programmable digital filter settings ranging from 39.1 kHz to 5.0 MHz.


Technical Documentation / Software

Download Datasheet for Specifications