IMS Control Module MicroLYNX -4/7

The MicroLYNX is a powerful machine control system integrating a bipolar microstepping driver and an expandable programmable controller into a compact panel mounted

With the addition of differential I/O modules, the MicroLYNX has the capability of driving two additional axes sequentially or allowing electronic gearing by following a rotary or linear axis or outputting a second clock at an electronically controlled ratio.

The MicroLYNX provides for two fully independent communication ports. It will accept commands from either port and direct output to either as well. A system could be configured to use COMM port one to communicate to a host PC or PLC while using the second to communicate with an operator interface or additional MicroLYNXes.

The MicroLYNX comes in two output power ranges to fit a variety of motor sizes. Features such as +5 to +24 VDC isolated I/O, multiple communication types and numerous expansion options make the MicroLYNX an effective and powerful machine control solution.


The MicroLYNX can be used to control systems both simple and complex. With plug-in expansion modules, OEM’s have the option to purchase only the features they need for any given system design, reducing overall cost of the system. The MicroLYNX can be field upgraded by simply removing the unit's side cover and adding up to 3 of several available expansion modules. This ease of use keeps system downtime to a minimum.