IMS HMI - Compact, Powerful

The Human Machine Interface (HMI) is a powerful new addition to the LYNX family of products. The HMI is a panel mountable, multi-function user interface designed to work with the IMS line of LYNX controller products.

The HMI features three modes of operation: Programmable Display, Thumbwheel Emulation and Register.

In Programmable Display mode the HMI may be used to display data sent to and from the controller.

In Thumbwheel Emulation mode the HMI behaves as an electronic thumbwheel. The user has access to up to four thumbwheel switch banks, each with up to ten digits plus the sign.

In Register mode the user may store up to ten characters of numeric data plus the sign in 64 registers. These register contents may then be used to enter values into LYNX variables. Each HMI screen may contain up to 4 registers.

With the ability to switch between modes on-the-fly, the HMI offers power and flexibility not available on other programmable displays.

The HMI has four fixed and two alternate function keys. This allows up to 6 press and/or release functions to be assigned per screen. These functions may be changed on-the-fly in response to user actions. The HMI also features a user output that may be used as an alarm output to turn on a light or activate a siren.

Communications is accomplished using either the RS-232 or RS-485 interface, with selectable baud rates ranging from 4.8 kbps to 38.4 kbps.

Included with the HMI is the easy to install and use HMI ScreenBuilder™ software. This powerful utility is the recommended programming and setup tool for the HMI.

The Human Machine Interface can be used to control multiple LYNX controller products in party mode, thus providing OEM’s with a powerful, easy to use interface for machine control.